Taking Over For the 99 and the 2000 – Destiny’s Child Edition


This year marks the 16th anniversary of Destiny’s Child’s The Writing’s on the Wall. The album was a staple in the music archives of young girls across the nation; particularly those waiting to turn 16, or the ones that thought they were grown because they were 16.Ask any girl (and some guys) about this album and you can see them mentally travel to that very moment in their lives.

The album solidified Destiny’s Child as pop stars and was a handbook to navigating through relationships. Whether you were dealing with a broken heart, or were the one doing the heart breaking, there was a song for you to relate to. The Writing’s on the Wall broke all sophomore jinx expectations and will be remembered as one of those rare classics that could still be played in its entirety, never requiring you to skip a song.

By a show of hands, how many of ya’ll still live by these commandments:

Thou Shall Not Hate
635469341375762368-1131087306_beyonce haters

Thou Shall Pay Bills

Thou Shall Confess

Thou Shall Not Bug

Thou Shall Not Give Into Temptation

Thou Shall Not Think You Got It Like That

Thou Shall Not Leave Me Wondering


Thou Shall Now When He’s Got To Go

Thou Shall Move On To The Next
tumblr_mu4oihjeXu1qd8zg3o1_500 (2)

Thou Shall Get Your Party On

Thou Shall Say My Name

Thou Shall Know She Can’t Love You

If Thou Can Wait, Then Thou Shall Stay

Thou Shall Cherish Life

The music, intros and videos were so on point, that fans didn’t even care that the group switched the lineup several times mid album promotion.





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