All The Feels – The Harris Family Filming Together Again


Season 5 of the Family Hustle premiered yesterday and there were a few obvious changes with the cast. In case you lived under a rock and may have missed the rumors of trouble in paradise (“but it’s okay as long as paradise is still there” TIP explains on the View) there was no way you could miss TIP and Tameka spending the entire season 4 (with the exception of a strained Thanksgiving Episode) filming separate adventures with the kids.  Fans haven’t felt so awkward and depressed since the 5th season of Martin. Lucky for us, the married couple was back to filming together this season giving all the PDA and pet names that we had grown to love from the endearing pair.

This was the reunion that I needed because:

ti-tiny t-i-tiny

Black Love is not Dead

If you let the new black media tell the story, black love is dying a slow and painful death by the reality show episode. While we know “thou shalt not covet” simply because you NEVER know what’s behind door number one, it is quite refreshing to see a couple get through their tough times together. While they spent a year throwing low key shade at each other in addition to avoiding filming together; after addressing the issue within the first two minutes, it was as if it didn’t happen…..just the way it should be

“So last year was kinda rough for us, but we did what successful married couples do and we bounced back, stronger than ever.”  – TIP


King Harris – If you have ever watched a Family Hustle episode, it is clear that King is a handful  that needs BOTH parents to help keep him in line we saw what happened with Mamaw.   If the Harris’ took their eyes off of him for one a minute to focus on something as traumatic as a divorce, I don’t know if the world could deal with King’s reign.


With all the feels that their reunion gave me, I cannot forget to mention the life that Tiny brought to ride or die chicks across the nation when she went in the studio and recorded arguably the trillest anthem entitled WTFYGD (What the Fuck You Gon Do). It is rumored that Tiny got out of the entertainment industry due to TI’s request for him to take care of the family while she stayed home with the kids.  So I can only imagine his concern when he heard the song. If the title alone wasn’t clear enough about Tiny’s feelings, then the lyrics and video were.  While it was a pretty decent song, we never heard of an album, tour or follow up single to #WTFYGD. I’m glad TIP got the message.

I’m glad to see TIP putting more effort into saving his marriage than he did when trying to save Iggy Azelea’s dying career, as it is definitely time better spent.

Check out a svelte Domani, a blossoming Deyjah and the rest of the Family Hustle gang in the season 5 premier episode.



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