Greatest Lyrics From Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’ Album That Are Still Relevant Today


In 2009, post the infamous Chrihanna Lamborghini incident, Rihanna released her 4th album entitled “Rated R”. With 13 tracks and guest appearances that ranged from Young Jeezy, to Slash, to; the singer recreated herself yet again with what Rolling Stone called “the album that “transformed her sound and made one of the best pop records of the year”. Rihanna traded in her pop tone that was so prevalent in “Good Girl Gone Bad” and showed just how bad she could be!

The album was sexy, edgy, and showed the world that this bad girl was here to stay. It let everyone know that they could keep their pity because this was a woman that wasn’t taking any shit from ANYONE. The album was a perfect as it mixed hip hop, rock, dancehall and Latin with memorable lyrics that you can still catch being subtweeted on timelines across all social networks!

“They can say whatever
I’ma do whatever
No pain is forever
Yup, you know this
Tougher than a lion
Ain’t no need in tryin’
I live where the sky ends
Yup, you know this” – Hard


How is this still relevant?: Rihanna is still kicking ass and taking names. The queen of resilience and self proclaimed bad gal still refuses to bow down to anyone. (No Beyhive shade.) Instagram, TLC, Karrueche, Breezy, NFL and Trollers have all experienced this first hand.

“Big shit talker
I never play the victim
I’d rather be a stalker” – Rockstar 101

How is this still relevant?: Cheers to Rihanna for encouraging women everywhere to ditch the damsel in distress act. However….I don’t think she meant it literally…because this chick right here has taken it to a whole new level.

“Sometimes it takes
A thousand tries
To win
The wait is ova” – Wait Your Turn

How is this still relevant?: No matter what level you were on in 2009, you’ve been motivated to reach another one at this point, and you still may need this reminder. It doesn’t matter how many times you’re down, you’re not out, so stop waiting and let it REIGN.

“And you can see my heart beating.
No, You can see it through my chest.

Said I’m terrified but I’m not leaving

Know that I must pass this test.
So, just pull my trigger” – Russian Roulette

How is this still relevant?: As you can tell this album is all about redemption. Seeing it through no matter what is standing on the other end. The more we grow through life, the more we realize the tests don’t stop, we just have to be persistent and build ourselves to pass them.


“Who think they test me now

Run through your town
I shut it down
Brilliant, resilient
Fan mail from 27 millions” – Hard

How is this still Relevant? : Were you guys at the “Diamonds” world tour with me? Y’all still buying albums and iTunes singles? Ok, CASE CLOSED!

“Baby, if I don’t feel it
I ain’t faking
No, no” – Rude Boy

How is this still relevant?: These wise words of wisdom are for those still faking it all across the land both in and out of the bedroom! How else will people learn the real you if you’re still faking it?


I can’t wait to hear the lyrics on the upcoming album. No matter what direction she decides to go in, one thing is for sure, The “never lyin’, truth teller Rihanna reign” will NEVER let up!


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