The Aaliyah Movie Really Happened…


Let me start by saying how much of a Aaliyah fan I was growing up. Tis why I REALLY wanted to like to The Aaliyah Movie: The Princess of R & B. In spite of everything I knew beforehand including the Iggy Azalea’s “Goddess” in the trailer (because I knew there would be no Aaliyah music)laughable casting, and the terrible Lifetime movies Saved By the Bell and the Brittany Murphy story that paved the way for this. Through it all I truly believed Wendy Williams would make a tasteful film like she said she would and thought there may be hope…however, it is two days after the premier and I am still regretting my contribution in making this disrespectful movie the number two watched TV movie of the year.

I waited a few days to write this post as I was hoping Wendy Williams would provide a public apology. I thought that there was a decent person underneath all that plastic and hoped she would admit she was wrong in going against the family’s wishes, that she was an inexperienced producer and hoped that we would forgive her this heinous made for TV movie. However, it seems as thought Wendy Williams doesn’t plan to take responsibility for her actions anytime soon.


While I could go on a lengthy ran I’ll let Charlamagne tha God from Power 105’s the Breakfast Club speak my piece for me. I really hope this brings making a REAL Aaliyah movie in theaters back to discussion soon as we all know she totally deserves it. I know you missed hearing some of your favorite Aaliyah songs in the movie so check some of them out below.


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