It’s Hug a Plumber Day!


Be sure to thank (or hug) a plumber today for Hug a Plumber Day, because without them, our homes would look a lot different. Most people take plumbing for granted, that is until a disaster strikes their house and chaos ensues. Growing up I was able to pick up a few tips from my grandfather and uncle who were both plumbers. This information may be helpful for those that don’t have a consistent plumber in their lives or would like to give theirs the day off for this holiday.

How to fix a clogged sink

Feed a drain snake or a wire clothes hanger a few inches past the stopper, twirl it around and slowly pull it out. Keep doing this until the water drains and you can’t remove anything else. After this try a simple combination of baking soda and vinegar, followed by very hot, but not boiling, water to finish the job.

Stop an overflowing toilet

Reach for the water cutoff valve which is usually behind or slightly off center of the toilet near the floor and turn it off. If it’s not overflowing but slowly rising, you can reach into the tank and lift the ballcock (float) to horizontal, which will stop the valve from allowing more water into the tank. This will give the bowl time to drain.

Low water pressure

Check to see if the low water pressure is affecting both the hot and cold water. If this is the case, the problem is most likely caused by the aerator. Calcium deposits that slowly build up in the faucet aerator and reduce water pressure. To fix this, clean out the faucet aerator by carefully removing the aerator, and clean out any debris or build up before putting it back on.

How to fix a clogged toilet

The key to getting the plunger to do its job is getting good coverage over the drain hole at the bottom of the bowl. If plunging does not help, try pouring really hot, but not boiling, water into the bowl. This can sometimes weaken what’s clogging the drain. Follow this with more plunging. Your last option, if all else fails, is using a drain snake as mentioned earlier when unclogging the sink.

Next time you find yourself in either of the above situations, don’t fret, feel empowered and know that you can stop it quickly. However, it’s best to not wait until there is an emergency to find a licensed plumber to help you in more drastic situations. This can lead you to hire the wrong person which can create an even bigger mess. If you don’t already have a consistent plumber, take out some time to check out local plumbers in tour area and make sure you talk to their past clients. 


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