Growing Up On The TLC Tip


After twenty years, I have yet to see a female music group whose contributions to our culture have been as significant as TLC. As a self-proclaimed millennial music guru, I’ve experienced their impact first hand. Their accomplishments surpass any of those other groups that you’re Googling to compare record sales to. As a young black girl in the 90s, there was no way to ignore Tionne Watkins, Lisa Lopes and Rozonda Thomas.  Whether you believe life imitates art or art imitates life, there’s no denying that we want to relate to the images that we see in the media.


While building my foundation as an adolescent I was able to identify with the images that looked like me. Sure, some of their songs were quite inappropriate for a child my age to be singing, but luckily they had more content to offer. Through the years I have learned to keep what applied to me lyrically, and put the other messages on the back burner for a day that it did. Image

As the first girl group in history to hit diamond record sales, I’m certain I’m not the only fan who has been impacted by their music, lifestyle, award speeches and interviews. Of course I love every song, but here are the songs that helped me deal with some of life lessons

It’s ok to be you…whoever that is.

The songs listed were the anthems of embracing who you are and daring anyone else to have a problem with.

Hat 2 the Back

My Life

Know the difference between friends and friendly people.

What was refreshing about TLC was that they were truly FRIENDS. Their versatile music, personal downfalls, public spats, and reconciliations showed what its like to grow with your friends. These songs spoke to what it was to truly be a friend and how to stay down through the good, bad, and the ugly….and making it as good as possible through it all.

What about your friends

Case of the Fake People

Are we in like….or in love?

Whether it was was that first crush that you daydreamed about or first real boyfriend, these songs set the tone and got you in the mood.


Digging on you

Kick Your Game

When you know better you should do better.

Before the age of ten I could hold  full fledged conversations with adults about the affects of AIDS, gang violence , and gender bias all because of the following songs.


Something Wicked this Way Comes

It’s ok to be vulnerable.

Dealing with insecurities is something that’s not always discussed growing up….these songs opened the discussion for that conversation.



What music group is currently providing this type of talent or versatility in their music. Furthermore is this type of music needed for the next generation?


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