Spring Staycation


Warm weather, a change of scenery, and a few days to relax are some of the reasons we wait all year for a summer vacation. However, with the weather being so unpredictable this year, summer seems so far away! If you’re like me you need something to hold you over until summer gets here. Here are a few ways to revamp your humble abode into a dream destination and create those feel-good vacation vibes while staying in your own home.

Get in vacation mode.

You will never relax if you begin to worry about work before your vacation ends. Give yourself a fresh start by gathering up all the clocks in your house and stash them in a dresser drawer next to your watch and cell phone. Make sure you’re only checking messages when you want to, and always keep in mind that “not at all” is always an option.

Make your home your island


A change of scenery is one of the best parts about visiting a new location. By adding a new pop of color with flowers that you normally don’t plant, you can transform your home into a fresh destination.

If you have two sturdy healthy trees with enough distance apart in your backyard, you have almost everything you need to create a hammock. Use this to rock at your leisure and alternate between catching up on all the novels, magazines, and rest that you have pushed to the back burner


Try New Recipes

During the busy work week, you tend to feed your family the most convenient and familiar meals imaginable because they’re quick and easy to make. While on staycation, it’s time to make that recipe that you’ve wanted to try or pick an exotic recipe you’ve never heard of before and give it a shot. Make the most of your cooking challenge by taking your time, putting on some music, and enjoying the delicious new dish that you’ve created. Your family will love you for it.


Traveling to a tropical resort isn’t your only vacation option. Planning a staycation brings endless possibilities regardless of your budget. Get creative, have fun and indulge!


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